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In celebration of 15 years of grassland advocacy, FroHG is showing off some new signage!

For the past 15 years FroHG has upheld its dedication in advocating for the conservation of the last remnants of the once thriving Woodbush Granite Grassland ecosystem. What better way to celebrate this special occasion than by showing off some new FroHG signs!

At the beginning of 2021, the FroHG committee discussed the need to replace some of the sun-bleached sign boards. As a first step all of FroHG’s signage was counted, inspected and catalogued. Nine different designs with content ranging from “no dumping” to “all vehicles prohibited” and “More than just Grass!” account for 28 signs, while no less than 60 white and yellow footprint signs mark out the Louis Changuion hiking trail. After identifying which signs have long served their purposes, came the process of deciding on the new content, designs, and of course determining what our budget would allow.

One of the old sign boards that has long served its purpose.

The new signs were finally installed during September of this year, just in time for the annual Spring-fair when many visitors come to enjoy the festivities in and around Haenertsburg. The new FroHG signs play a critical role in not only encouraging visitors to enjoy our fragile grasslands respectfully and responsibly, but also in informing them that the grassland next to the Village is formally protected as the Haenertsburg Nature Reserve.

Handy man Solly was of great help.
A handy Landy-ladder.

To our great appreciation, the South African Environmental Observation Network (SAEON) who is undertaking long-term grassland research in the Haenertsburg Nature Reserve has made a substantial contribution towards the signs. For the beautiful design work, we have Bianca von Onselen of the Think Ninjas to thank and we sincerely applaud all our valued FroHG members. If it wasn’t for your contributions the grasslands might have slowly faded just like the old signs!

The new FroHG signs aim to encourage visitors to enjoy our fragile grasslands responsibly and to take note that the grassland next to the Village is formally protected as the Haenertsburg Nature Reserve.



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